About Us

Adventure Rope is a commercial company with a strong background in community based projects, involvement with NGO's and government departments. 

Adventure is a tool that is used in a variety of fields to foster the personal development of individuals and teams.  In earlier years rope courses were used almost exclusively for training and development, utilising the element of perceived risk as metaphor for the challenges of life, work and play in an unfamiliar environment, allowing participants to learn more about themselves and their capabilities.

Over the years the adventure market has grown in myriad ways and adventure based recreational activities have expanded across the globe, offering participants the same challenging activities whilst fostering a cross cultural exchange, heightened environmental awareness

The last decade has also seen a spillover into the commercial market, with sky trails in shopping malls, aerial trekking in adventure parks, new and innovative adventure playgrounds for kids.  All have a common theme of active participation using adventure and personal challenge.  

Our grounding in the natural world of forests, woodlands and parks has carried over into our designs and we utilise natural sustainable products selected for their aesthetic quality as much as their function, durability and long life performance.