Our Products

Rope Courses

We have a wide range of challenge course designs ranging from single stand-alone elements through to multi-level, multi element courses.

We can offer challenges built on trees or pole structures or even indoors.

Our progressive element course offer sequential challenge for individuals.

Team based apparatus is designed for maximum involvement of all group members in a team of 10-12 participants.

Besides Low Rope Challenge courses, we also offer a significant range of ice breaker and team initiative elements.

Adventure Attractions

Adventure parks with differing levels of challenge. Pole or tree based courses offering an aerial-trekking experience with up to 60 different challenges. Our continuous belay systems offer very high throughput of scrambling, swooping, traversing, swinging, balancing, teetering and wriggling customers in complete safety with a dynamic range of movement.

Themed bridges swings, mazes, tunnels, tree houses, caves and more to tie in to your planned leisure, shopping mall or waterpark facility.

Indoor Sky Trail systems suspended from your roof beams and utilising space that is often un-used. A complete theme to match your décor or design influences is possible.

Crowd pleasing, entertaining and awe inspiring elements, flying trapezes, balancing aerial unicycles, dramatic parachute jumps and more.

Canopy, Flying Fox, Zipline Tours

We have designed and installed some of the world’s most successful canopy tours. Our emphasis is on beautiful holistic design, with a sustainable, ecological approach to construction and operation.

Our suspended bridges and walkways and tree-hugging platforms make for an exceptional layout that maximises exposure to the forest canopy.

You don’t however, need a forest to build a zip-line tour. If you have the landscape we can do a great deal with gullies, ravines, high structures and other unsual features.

Long ride Flying Fox installations in singles twins or more. Ideal for long rides with a recovery process possible, we can design multi-rider lines.

Adventure Playgrounds

Indoor and Outdoor structures using a host of natural materials and drawing on our foundations as a rope course company. We know what makes kid’s tick and our designs are based around maximum adventure.

Besides our rope elements of bridges, swinging things, zipping, traversing and squeezing, we can offer complete mazes with caving type sections as well as free standing boulders with our local partners.

We manufacture a wide range of combination rope and cable elements and can make up just about any design of structure mounted on either wood or steel supports.

Multi-activity Climbing Towers

Free-standing towers can encompass an entire rope course, or offer access to a multi-element adventure park layout. A 12m tower can offer access to 3 different levels of rope course or aerial trekking and offers a great control point for the clip-on and clip off of our continuous belay systems, snaking out on every level.

Climbing and abseiling routes, flying fox zip lines, parachute jumps and high team elements are just some of the add-on options.

We offer a complete choice of softwood and hardwood cladding options and as with all our facilities we offer bespoke designs from traditional to completely zany.

Bridges, Walkways and Rope Works

Suspension bridges are our forte. Whether tree based or attached to your building development we have specialist fitting design specifically for suspended cable bridges.

Suspended walkways and decks in trees, on poles, suspended on cliff faces, we can put together an exceptional design, using many of our proprietary fittings and fixtures.

If it is in rope or cable, we can manufacture it for you. Swings, scramble nets, tunnels, bridges, rope ladders and safety ropes can all be made in any shape or size.

We use old-world spicing techniques and if it is in rope, we can do it.

Iconic Structures

Our woodwork skills matched with our rope and cable knowledge means that we can design iconic and sculptural suspended elements to suit your corporate requirements. We work with a wide range of materials and offer a fun suspended artwork to fill an atrium that will offer endless iconic fun to visiting kids.

Suspended floating maze-like tree structures, bespoke animal climbing frames, rolling ball mobiles and so much more are offered to match your creative desires.

Our buildings are designed around your adventure facility requirements. We offer choices in a range of timber species, shingles, bamboo, cables ropes, glass and steel. Our own UK R&D workshops offer a pointer to our skills in marrying the materials we work with, alongside our environment ethos of green sustainable structures.