Our Services


Adventure Activities in the attraction industry are a hot ticket and you want to include them in your business plan – we can help .

You know what you want, sort of, but wonder where you can gather the information to inform your choices, influence your designs, sort out your budget and your design.

You need to issue a tender and wonder about the specification, construction standards, typical warranty, insurance, liability. We can write it for you and advise you on the current best practice in the industry.

You want to write a business plan and need assistance with marketing materials, photographs, a marketing plan and an operational budget.

Training and Management

Full Technical Training is offered for all installations.

Bespoke hard skills training is offered for all challenge activities including working at height. Certification training is offered for challenge course facilitators.

We offer a mentor program for key staff as well as operational management contracts for new facilities.

We run and offer facilities for corporate and general team training and development programmes using outdoor adventure as a metaphor for development.

We offer Project Management contracts for all new adventure installations in most countries.


Whether you are a small NGO with a limited budget or a seasoned commercial operator, we can design adventure facilities to match your requirements.

Our speciality is the unusual and we can work around a variety of themes.

Safety, Standards and Inspections

We conduct safety inspections of existing and new adventure facilities. As an insured inspection body we issue certification for all apparatus passing inspection.

We offer detailed and comprehensive inspection reports with digital image reference in accordance with EN standards, ANSI and ACCT


Our construction standards are in compliance with EN15567 and ACCT International standards.

Our installation teams work in most countries of the world, including remote environments.


We offer maintenance on most adventure installations.

Maintenance contracts are available for a wide range of existing and new facilities, incorporating annual certification.